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Our range of more than 80 standard riveting machines enable us to offer the “orbital” or “radial” assembly technology most adapted to your product. These two riveting processes are being  introduced hereafter. By riveting, we understand the cold flow deformation of a rivet in order to create a head so as to keep several parts  assembled together. The rivet  can be an axis or an eyelet.
Cold flow riveting enables to perform fixed or hinged assemblies. It also enables to perform assemblies with specific riveted forms easily (square tube of ladder rungs, for example).
Conical riveting
Flat riveting
 Tronconical riveting
Roll swaged riveting
Flat swaged riveting
Oval head riveting
Flared riveting
Toothing riveting
Inner swaged riveting
Riveting inside a U-shaped form
Exotic riveting
It is said that  radial riveting is “better” than orbital, is it true ?   Each technology has its advantages according to the material to be deformed, its hardness, shape... For example, it is recommended to use  the radial technology for hard materials, in particular  stainless steel, because the deformation of the material is a bit softer, thus we avoid  the risk of cracks of the material in periphery. On the other hand, applications  with hollow rivets  or in the case  of deformation of hollow tubes (shock absorbers...), orbital riveting willl be prefered as radial deformation pushes the material inward,  then outward, going through the center, and that can damage the geometry of the part. GUILLEMIN is  the only specialist  in riveting to really master two technologies , and has been  doing for so many decades. This is why we do not promote or advocate on technique in particular but we define the best solution in each case.
Orbital riveting
Radial riveting
Expert in assembly and cold flow riveting machines  
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