Orbital and radial riveting machines, pneumatic,hydraulic or electrical (brushless servomotor), versatile, dedicated to small, medium and large series of production. Cold flow riveting machines Standard and special machines •	Full auto : automatic loading of rungs and stiles, punching and assembly integrated to the line. •	Automatic : manual loading of rungs and stiles, punching and assembly integrated to the line. •	Semi-automatic : with manual loading Design and engineering of ladder assembly machines  Standard range Insertion Press •	CNC riveting center with X,Y, Z digital unit and twin mobile pallets •	CNC riveting center with rotary table (2 to 6 fixtures) •	CNC riveting center with X, Y, Z digital unit, twin or multiple pallets, for small, medium and large series of production. Can be linked to production lines.   CNC riveting center Riveting machines by direct thrust with automatic feeding of rivets Riveters Universal HANG Hollow rivets, semi hollow, solid or perforation. Automatic feeding of rivets. Orbital riveting machines  high power (from 12 000 DaN to 20 000 DaN)   The high power CNC machines allows to work on large diameters, for example, the manufacturing of bearings or all other applications, where high power is required (alloy steel and stainless steel). Mass production Orbital  or Radial riveting machines Orbital or radial, pneumatic or hydraulic riveting machines intended to mass productions. •	Loading by bowl feeders / robots •	Automatic assembly of components •	Crimping •	Marking, controls •	Palletization by robot  Special purpose machines and assembly lines - full auto
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