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*Technical tests done on rings or pipe HIGH POWER RANGE S1200 S2000 Power (DaN) Rivet shank diameter (mm) Steel 500 N/mm 12 000 20 000 22 mm 40 mm Part diameter on rings or pipe (mm)   Steel  500N /mm2 ext 30 mm  /int 10 mm * ext 60 mm  /int 30 mm * Z axis Stroke in Z axis (mm) Accuracy Repetability 0 to 280 40 m 10 m 0 to 280 40 m 10 m Power of spindlemotor (Adjustable speed from 250 to 1100 tr/mn) 15 KW 22 KW Frame with 4 columns for a high rigidity/ Riveting unit does not move.  Product on its fixture is lifted up to the riveting unit.  Motion is monitored by an electrical cylinder (servo motor)   SIEMENS CONTROLLER / HMI 12  Standard equipment Electronic control of the riveting effort The high power CNC machines allows to work on large diameters,  for example, the manufacturing of bearings or all other applications,  where high power is required (alloy steel and stainless steel). Very fast selection of the type of product by changing the tool on the machine  and selection of the product program. High productivity with the numerical Z axis (optimisation of the strokes)  Numerical  (By servo motor)  Numerical (by servo motor)  Max speed in Z axis 50 mm/s  Anti rotation device Pressure pad from 5 to 10 Tons  General Options
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