Technical issues 1 - It is said that  radial riveting is “better” than orbital, is it true ?   Each technology has its advantages according to the material to be deformed, its hardness, shape... For example, it is recommended to use  the radial technology for hard materials, in particular  stainless steel, because the deformation of the material is a bit softer, thus we avoid  the risk of cracks of the material in periphery. On the other hand, applications  with hollow rivets  or in the case  of deformation of hollow tubes (shock absorbers...), orbital riveting willl be prefered as radial deformation pushes the material inward,  then outward, going through the center, and that can damage the geometry of the part. GUILLEMIN is  the only specialist  in riveting to really master two technologies, and has been doing for so many decades. This is why we do not promote or advocate on technique in particular but we define the best solution in each case. 2 - In case of any evolution in my production through time, do I necessarily need to buy another       machine ? Our machines are versatile. They are designed to be adapted  to evolutive geometries of products. If the power of the machine remain adequate, we will design a new fixture, a new  riveting pin, but you will keep your existing machine. Thus your investment will be minimal. 3 - My parts include several rivets that I would like to assemble simultaneously. Is it possible ? This is one of the reasons why our customers particularly appreciate our technology. Whether your parts have short or big distances between the rivets, we do have the appropriate solution of multiriveting : multiriveting pins heads, multiriveting spindles heads. The latter can rivet axis located on different levels. Thus your productivity is maximized.
Boitier avec 3 têtes Boitier avec 2 têtes et serre-flan
4 - Is it possible to load rivets from above ? Yes, and this solution is particularly interesting when the part includes several rivets that would be difficult to introduce from below. A toggle joint will be added above in order to ensure the proper reaction to the riveting force which will be applied from below. … and to apply the riveting from below without problem ? Our riveting heads have been designed with a kinematics and mechanics that enable to position the unit in all possible directions – vertically, horizontally, vertically inversed, inclined – and still offer the same performances and reliability.
Orbital riveting Radial riveting
5 - I have to rivet big diameters, I need a powerful riveting machine : We frequently develop machines with big power, beyond our standard range of riveting machines (up to 10 tons in standard). For some customer in the automotive  industry, we have designed  hydrau-electrical  riveting machines of 30 tons of power. Our know- how of manufacturer of special purpose machines enables us to bring an effective  answer to all needs. 6 - I must rivet an axis deep down a boring with a difficult access. GUILLEMIN has developed “big stroke” machines which go far beyond the usual  working strokes  of 50-60 mm. thus our  technology  enables to do that kind of deep down riveting  thanks to riveting machines with strokes up to 200, 300 mm and more ! Maintenance related issues 7 - Your machines are reputed to be robust and to last for several decades. But how will I get      spare parts in 20 years from now ? Even if our machines evolve in time, we do have a commitment to our customers at Guillemin : we guaranty the continuity of supply of mechanical spare parts for the complete life time of your machine. We keep the drawings of all components without any limit of time. We consider any partnership as a long time partnership… and this has been so since 1911... 8 - I don’t want to bother about maintenance. What can you do to help me ? Our maintenance contract enables you to benefit  from a permanent assistance through a Hot Line. This contract also includes the performance of preventive maintenance interventions, so as to optimize  your supplies and your inventory of spare parts, and thus maximise the productive working hours of your machines. Services related issues 9 - I would like to make tests to assess that radial riveting is indeed adapted to my need of assembly ? We make tests on parts or samples in our laboratory within a few days, for customers all over the world. We also offer a complete service of Assistance to Development. The manager of our laboratory works in tight cooperation with the R&D departments, Methods and Industrialisation departments of our customers, in order to define the assembly points, perform series of tests, make various kinds of assessments on statistic series, define the lay out of the assembly equipments…. We thus optimize the parameters of assembly beforehand and you save time and optimize the industrialisation of your products. 10 - I need to have a riveting machine but my operators know nothing about these machines ? We do train your operators for a correct use of our riveting machines. And so do we also train your maintenance technicians. Your production team thus quickly becomes autonomous. 10 Bis - I need to train other personnel to the technology of riveting, is it possible ? We perform training sessions on riveting and sometimes even create experts in riveting in the Methods teams. This training program can be included in your training budget. 11 - My project is confidential. May I count on your confidentiality ? We guaranty the confidentiality of the information transmitted to us for the development of your products. We are used to working on the development of new products with our customers, their R&D departments, on highly confidential projects of new products. We are well acquainted with the procedures that guaranty the respect of confidentiality and preserve the competitive advantage of our customers. 12 - Does GUILLEMIN design special purpose machines without any riveting function ? We are specialists in assembly in a broad sense. According to the product to be assembled, we make machines which integrate screwing, clipsing, calibration or any othe assembly methods. Likewise, we often include marking and control functions and we sometimes develop our own techniques. 13 - I need to have an automated means of production but I do not have any predetermined specifications. Is it a problem ? As a manufacturer of special assembly machines, we have our own specifications, which meet the requirements of the most severe demands of the automotive industry. It is the guaranty of our professionalism and our precision on which you may always rely.
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