Basic Configuration
Advanced Configuration
Main function
Curves measured
F=f(t) Measure of the riveting power  (P) according to  time  (t)
F=f(x) Measure of the riveting power  (P) according to displacement (x)   F=f(t) Measure of the riveting power according to time (t)
Detection of a too long rivet , too short rivet, no rivet, too hard rivet. The corresponding process values can be displayed and saved in numerical form.
Data storage
Basic configuration
Advanced Configuration
GUILLEMIN’s riveting machines have been designed to integrate an electronic control system of  the riveting power. This system developped by one of the most famous specialist in Europe is one of the most efficient of the market. This system is made up of:  1 power sensor (measures of the power of riveting )  1 monitoring Control Panel According to the parameters of control, it checks the parts and stores data.
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Power sensor Monitoring  control panel Linear motion Sensor
Power sensor Monitoring  control panel
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