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GUILLEMIN is a renowned specialist in Orbital and Radial riveting and crimping, as well  as in the automated  assembly of parts , since 1911. With more than 15 000 assembly machines installed  all over the world, GUILLEMIN has the widest range of riveting machines on the market, from standard riveting machines up to  automated assembly lines for large series of production. The manufacturing of the machines is done according to European standards. Machines intended  for exportation are made according to the standards in force in the destination country.
Entreprise GUILLEMIN
A presence in all industrial sectors  Presence in the industrial sectors of automotive, aeronautics, electrical appliances, manufacturing industries. GUILLEMIN offers reliable and innovative  industrial assembly thanks to its wide range  of standard machines.
A distribution network  spread  all over the world
The sales of our machines  is done either  through the medium of our branches or by local distributors  and integrators.
Our skills In addition to our machines, we offer a wide  set of related  pluridisciplinary  services in order to provide you with sustainable  and productive equipments.
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Expert in assembly and cold flow riveting machines  
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