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máquinas especiales y líneas de montaje - todo automático
Assemblage d’articulations de  sièges Assemblage et finition de supports d’amortisseurs Machines spéciales de formage et d’assemblage Préhension des composants par Robots de manutention STAUBLI,FANUC Assemblage de clapets et de by-pass de thermostats Pièces assemblées
Expertos en ensamblaje y remachadoras orbitales y radiales
The loading of components is done automatically by bowl feeders or by robots, or in a semi-automatic procedure by an operator. Components are then assembled automatically at every stage of the process, with a final crimping of the part to obtain an impregnable assembly.
Special purpose machines / Assembly and riveting lines Full auto
Special machine of forming and assembly – Full auto
Forming of tubes for silent blocs, shock absorbers or any other components with similar process. Other components, in plastic or steel, are then added to the primary component.
From engineering to start up in your plant, Guillemin monitors all stages of your project of assembly and special purpose machines. Thanks to Our pluridisciplinary teams and our specific methods of project management we offer a wide variety of customized assembly solutions. Our senior mechanical and automation engineers bring all their experience and know how to develop industrial solutions. Mechanical engineering department ( 3D SOLIDWORKS software) Automation engineering department – development on various types of automation PLC : SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS…. Assembly – wiring – set up of equipments in our factory Start up and training in your plant in all countries Customers and after-sales Service
Loading by bowl feeders / robots Automatic assembly of components Crimping Marking, controls Palletization by robots
Automatic loading by conveyors, bowl feeders, robots… Automatic forming of primary component Assembly of additional components Marking, controls Palletization by robots
Assembly of auto seat substructures
Automatic assembly line (without riveting)
Automatic assembly of components of small size, with complementary tests and sophisticated controls (ex : heating cartridges).
Loading by bowl feeders / robots Automatic assembly of components Control of tightness, dimensional tests Marking, control Palletization by robots
Assembled parts
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